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About ECE

Established in 1954, Electro Cable Egypt is the Largest diversified Cables Company in Egypt. The Company produces both Power Cables and Telecommunication Cables for local markets and for export as well. Approximately two thirds of revenues are derived from Power Cables Sales to the Electricity Sector.

Business has been conducted over 370,000 sq.m. Ismailia Canal Road in Qalyubia Governorate. Low, Medium and High Tension Power Cables and Telecom Cables represent ECE’s wide range of products that can be manufactured in different kinds and specifications. The company’s exports to overseas markets in Africa, Europe and Arab Countries.

The export business represents a high potential business to ECE. Likewise, the potential booming of demand on cables for the countrywide power networks and anticipated renovation. Moreover, the unprecedented development of new cities and new communities in Egypt that witness remarkable construction and telecommunication processes highlights the obvious potentials of local market for cables industry. It is worth mentioning that all the company ‘s production lines are environmentally sustainable facilities and all environmental regulation


For over four decades , the Electro Cable Egypt “ ECE “ has been the leading manufacturer of Cables in Egypt. ECE is a shareholding company founded in 1954 by seventeen shareholders out of which two French companies ( Electro Cables and Trefileries Luminaries Duhauro). In the early Sixties, the company was nationalized and became a public sector entity. Since 1991, the company has been operating under the provisions of law 203 for the same year as an affiliated company of the Holding has been a Company for Engineering Industries with a current paid on capital of L.E. 33 Million divided into 3.3 million shares at par value of L.E. 10 / share.

The year 1997 witnessed the privatization of the company when a distinguished group of Strategic Investors decided to buy out the majority of shares held by the Holding Company in October 1997, and consequently, The Company is currently operating under law 159 for the year 1981 and its shareholding structure is as follows:

MisrInsurance Co. 9.5
Insurance and PensionsOrganization 4.57
International Co. for Commercial&Industrial Investment 0.01
ECE Co. Employees Shareholders Union 2.64
Banks , Funds , Other Companies &Individual Shareholders83.28

Since the fifties, the company has been actively involved in the production and testing of a wide range of wires, power cables and telecom cables. It has been ensured that the production and testing facilities of the company have kept abreast of the ever-changing technological advances in the Industry. This has enabled the company to maintain its efficiency & manufacture cables which conform to an ever-increasing range of test requirements. These production facilities are continuously installing new machinery and equipment in order to maintain their efficiency , to keep pace with the latest production techniques, to supply both domestic and international markets and to consolidate a strong position in the international cable markets.
The year 1997 witnessed the privatization of the company when a distinguished group of Strategic Investors decided to buy out the majority of shares held by the Holding Company in October 1997, and consequently, The Company is currently operating under law 159 for the year 1981 and its shareholding structure is as follows:

The way Forward

Considering the strategic Development Plans prepared by the government of Egypt for the coming 20 years and its launched projects that have already started outside the Nile Valley region Sinai., southern valley and coastal areas, the enormous growth opportunities are guaranteed . Definitely the expected booming of demand from power, construction and telecommunication sectors to boost these development processes in Egypt , in Middle East and most of developing countries in Africa reveals the growth opportunity for the cables industry in general and for its key players in the region headed by ECE. Therefore getting prepared for the said booming in demand by the wise planing for expansion and diversification is the challenge facing ECE ‘s new board of directors at the moment.

Consequently, getting the company equipped, empowered and armed with the most advanced technologies that guarantee the most outstanding operation economics and the highest quality levels along with most possible productivity level is the short term goal targeted by the new board of directors. Meanwhile, the replacement and rehabilitation of the old production lines will continuously be receiving the utmost attention.

Strategic marketing activities will be of absolute importance in the Agenda of the new board of directors especially the on-going marketing research of both local and export markets. Utterly , the continuos analysis of both demand forces and supply forces in the markets will guide the wise planning for future expansions, will strengthen the competitive position of ECE in its markets and as a result the financial performance and profitability will take off remarkably.

Being the “God Father“ to the other cables companies in the region after attracting some of its people to lead the operations in these recent facilities, ECE is planning for strategic development of its human resources who represent the caliber and the in-depth knowledge of the industry in the region.Not only by securing their rights and privileges but also through the enhancement of their capabilities, providing outstanding career opportunities and retaining them as the company ‘s credibility for the future achievements.

ECE’s organizational structure is to be redesigned to allow the company to respond faster and more effectively to the needs of our customers. Manufacturing and distribution processes are to be made more efficient & customer-forced values are to be deeply entrenched.

ECE’s Vision

The commitment of ECE to produce the whole gamut of power & telecom cables and to overall quality, technological developments & engineering excellence coupled with full support from production, engineering and marketing to ensure the products reliability, highest level of quality and the customer’s loyalty. Our high standards & ISO certified consistency can help for achieving such goals.

ECE’s Mission

To support the success of our customers in their developmental processes by exceeding their expectations & providing quality cables products, to support the leadership position of our company in the market through boosting the industry competence and guarantee growth for our shareholders.

ECE’s Strategy

  • Planning for growth and quality Assurance.

  • Enhancing the Capabilities of its Manpower for competent utilization of their credibility.

  • Aggressive marketing plans and activities.

  • Exploring high technology and complementary industries.

  • Competent improvement of the operation economics for retaining our competitive position in local markets as well as major development of Exports.

ECE’s Certificates

ECE depends on the strictest quality standards to produce its products. In addition, the strictest measures are enforced to ensure environment-friendly operation. The company grounds are spread over a large area, with plenty of green spaces. The company is situated far from any populated areas and no pollutants are emitted into the environment.

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