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Established and headquartered in Egypt (Cairo) in 1984 under the name of El Giza Cables Company. The company started production in 1985 and engaged in the power cable industry with more than 32 years of experience as one of the market key players in the Egyptian electricity sector.

The factory is located in the industrial zone, Abu Rawash- Giza, with total building area of 5,000 m2 and a total land plot of 81,000 m2 which gives a room for future expansions, one of the advantages of this location is its proximity to major consumptions areas.

Products include low, medium, high and extra high voltage power cables with copper and aluminum conductors, PVC, PE & XPLE insulated, steel tape or steel wire armored PVC or PE Sheathed.

GPI’s manufacturing facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery with advanced technology and an experienced workforce.

GPI is currently owned by Electro Cables Egypt (“ELCE.CA”), which acquired GPI in 2015 to increase its exposure to the cables market.

ECE is a public company, listed on Egyptian Exchange since 1995, whereas its shareholders are: (Pioneers Holding Co. 78%, and Free Float & Others 22%)
Pioneers Holding Co. (“PHC”) is an Egyptian joint stock company listed in the Egyptian Stock Exchange. It is one of the leading investment and financial services groups in the region. It is acquiring, restructuring and establishing new projects in four main specialized sectors: the non-banking financial services sector, housing, contracting and industrial sector. The company is one of the largest investment entities, not only in the Egyptian market, but in the Arab region as a whole, under its umbrella currently includes 57 subsidiaries with total assets under management amounting to EGP c.28.4 billion pounds, including 9 companies listed in the Egyptian stock exchange with capital of EGP 3.6 billion pounds.