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Electro Cable Egypt Co. SAE (ECE) is a shareholding company founded in 1954 by seventeen shareholders including two French companies (Electro Cables and Trefileries Luminaries Duhauro). With total landscape of 90 acre at Mostorod Industrial Zone 4.6 KM , 6 October Road, Ismailia Canal Road,Qualubia, Egypt

About ECE



Our extensive line of bare overhead conductors is designed for the safe transmission and distribution of electricity. All our overhead conductors are manufactured and tested in line with the latest national and international standards. They can be installed on transmission towers, wooden poles, and other structures, and installations range from long-distance extra-high-voltage 500 KV (EHV) transmission lines to sub-service spans at distribution or utilization voltages on private premises. We offer technical assistance in choosing and installing overhead conductors as per your requirements.


Electrical Power Cable

We offer an extensive range from 300 Volt up to 220 kv single-core and multi-core power cables. These cables are used to supply electricity to commercial or residential buildings and to industrial distribution circuits. They are suitable for indoor use (eg. power supply stations) and outdoor use (eg. in cable ducts, underground, and on cable trays for industrial buildings, utility buildings, electrical equipment, switch-boards, and power stations). They are designed to meet both the national and international standards in quality and safety. We use the highest quality raw materials and the latest manufacturing techniques to produce these cables.



ENAMELLED WIRE is a fundamental part of a winding in every electrical machine or apparatus. Compared to fibrous insulations, enameled copper offers a favorable space saving factor together with a high level of breakdown voltage. The main application of enameled Copper Wire is in winding of Motor and Transformers.


Special cables

Special cables are used for low current , data transfer or control circuits. ECE can manufacture Special Cables as per national , international specifications and Upon customer request.
Our range of special cables generally used within industrial manufacturing plants for control, communication, data and voice transmission signals. these cables are used typically in industrial projects and OGP industries. they are also used to connect electrical instrument circuits and provide communication services in and around process plants with detail signal transfer.


ECE’s Strategy

The company’s exports to overseas markets in Africa, Europe and Arab Countries. The export business represents a high potential business to ECE. Likewise, the potential booming of demand on cables for the countrywide power networks and anticipated renovation. Moreover, the unprecedented development of new cities and new communities in Egypt that witness remarkable construction and telecommunication processes highlights the obvious potentials of local market for cables industry.

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